What does art mean to you? Join the discussion with our new exhibition 'Viewpoints'. Exhibition open from 31st January - 10th May 2015

What is art? Where does it come from? How does it develop? What is it for? How does it work?


What makes something 'art'? Is it the feeling it gives you, its cultural significance, the meaning behind it or can anything be art? Art is often approached as a clearly defined arrangement of artistic periods or a list of artists who have made 'important' art works. This ambitious exhibition presents you, the viewer, with a range of art from pre-history to the modern day and asks you to define what makes it art. Take the opportunity to write your own labels to accompany the artworks on display. 

William Morris once said: 'I don't want art for the few; any more than education for the few; or freedom for the few'.

Art is personal to each of us, and every viewpoint is equally valid. This exhibition becomes a discussion on art and creativity; a collection of thoughts and ideas. Examine artworks spanning the centuries from artists including; Lucien Freud, Yves Klein, Jack Vettriano, L.S. Lowry and Jeremy Deller, and join in the conversation. 

Full list of artists
Peter De Wint, Dante Gabriel Rossetti-after, William Logsdail. Alfred Munnings, L S Lowry, Yves Klein, Patrick Caulfield, Richard Wentworth, Roger Ackling, Lucian Freud, Angus fairhurst, Richard Billingham, David Moore, Jack Vettriano, Melanie Manchot, Donna Jones, Sara MacKillop, Ori Gersht, George Shaw, Jeremy Deller, Joshua Lockwood.


Can I share my opinion?

We’d love you to! There are lots of ways to get involved in the discussion.  We’ll have artists working in the space throughout the exhibition, why not ask them about the work?  Our staff would be happy to talk to you about the work too, or why not start a conversation with another visitor?
Most importantly, we’d love to make your Viewpoint part of the exhibition. In the gallery, you can record your thoughts and ideas and have them printed into a label.

 We'd love to hear your thoughts on art, and your responses to the artwork on display, tweet us your ideas at #myviewpoint or post them to our facebook.

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Would you like to find out more?

The accompanying Viewpoints blog is constantly updated with articles, interviews with the artist in residence and much more...

Accompanying events:

Turner Prize nominee George Shaw will be giving a talk on 17 March at 6pm - book online at

Tours with museum curators will be available at 1pm on 11 February, 11 March and 15 April. Meet at The Collection’s reception. Group tours can be booked by emailing

An alternative tour of the exhibition from an evolutionary standpoint with David McAleavey take place on 19 February at 1pm.

‘Site Specific Performances’ by Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts take place from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 2 May.

Artist in residence Joshua Lockwood and students from the University of Lincoln will be working in the spaces and ready to have a discussion and give insights into the art in the exhibition.

Joshua will be in the gallery on the following dates: