Jeanette Killner: Natural Collections

Jeanette Killner: Natural Collections, The Courtyard Gallery, 4 February until 16 April 2023.

This exhibition showcases the work of local artist Jeanette Killner, who has been working in Lincolnshire since 1974. All the pieces have been inspired by nature, many drawn from things found locally during the pandemic restrictions. They all feature recycled materials, in particular aluminium drinks cans. They show a range of techniques that are often influenced by a love of pattern and textiles. 

Most of the works in this exhibition were made during the last three years. As many people discovered, the pandemic restrictions gave an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and variety of nature around them. The natural world has always been an inspiration for Jeanette, and drawing what she saw on local walks felt an obvious source of ideas during that time.

Jeanette Killner moved to Lincoln in 1974 as a weaver, having completed a degree in Printed and Woven Textiles. During the 1990’s she developed skills across a range of materials to support her teaching, and in 2005 completed an MA: Design experimenting with techniques to apply surface design to wood, metal and ceramics.

Recycling materials is also important to her practice, and aluminium cans have become the main material of choice. She creates both two and three dimensional pieces, and transfer ideas from her love of pattern and textiles. As an artist Jeanette enjoys the problem - solving aspect of how to represent the varied textures, surfaces and structures found in natural forms.