George Boole School

Discover how a teacher from Lincolnshire changed our world forever.

Inspired by the life and legacy of the Lincolnshire-born mathematician George Boole, who devised Boolean algebra, on which much of our computer language is based today.
Throughout his life, Boole worked as a dedicated teacher. He began teaching at the very early age of 16. Taking Boole’s dedication to teaching as a starting point, the Courtyard Gallery has been transformed into a classroom environment that celebrates the history, present and future of maths and the scientific age. 

In this free exhibition you can:
Discover the history of Western maths and how it has developed.
Learn about the life of the local man who devised Boolean logic, influencing the future of electrical engineering and computer science.
De-code some of the words used in modern maths, science and computing.

Exhibition open in the Courtyard Gallery, Lincoln Museum

Open Thursday - Monday, 10am - 4pm