Where are we now?

Plase note that this exhibition will be closed in Thursday 19th December for staff training. Artists in this show use the revolution in location technology to tell us about the people and the places behind the information on maps.

How's your sense of direction? How often do you drive with your satnav? Do you often get lost? For hundreds of years we have been creating maps and diagrams to help us find our location.

They have helped build nations and destroy others. Today more than ever before technology is helping us to find our way.  With smart phones and satellite navigation we can literally hold the world in our hands, or in our pockets.  With so much of the world mapped out for us. It has become increasingly hard to get lost.

In this exhibition artists are using these new technologies to tell us something about the world around us, using the revolution in location technology and rising access to visual representations of the globe to tell us about the people and the places, behind the information.

Where are we now?  Forms part of Frequency 2013 a festival of digital ideas based around the theme of revolution.

The exhibition will be closed for a day on Thursday 19th December 2013.

Download the labels booklet for the show HERE

download Reading maps by Dr Jim Shorthose HERE

download Do you know where you? are by Christopher Cragg HERE