The museum’s numismatic collection contains coins, tokens and historic medals and totals some 24,000 items, formed through purchases and donation from individuals and from acquisition of pre-existing private collections.

The coin collection forms a comprehensive chronology of British money from the Iron Age to the 20th century, with the Roman and Medieval periods particularly well represented.  It includes the largest public collection of coins from the Lincoln and Stamford mints, formed principally through the bequest of Lincoln historian Sir Francis Hill.  The collection also contains examples of coinage from the across the world, mostly of 18th and 19th century date, banknotes and items related to coin production.

The token collections contain examples of token coinage found in Lincolnshire, with a focus on local tokens of the 17th and 19th centuries.

The medal collections feature examples of commemorative medals with reference to historic events and personalities with Lincolnshire, British and international relevance.