The highlight of this collection is the extremely fine collection of English, French and Swiss watches bequeathed by James Ward Usher. Many are made from precious metals and set with gemstones or contain exquisite enamels. The watches take various forms including pocket and ring watches, a calendar clock watch and a watch set into a snuff box.

The collection of longcase clocks includes rare examples by Lincolnshire clockmaker Robert Sutton, who made clocks with wooden movements. Other makers represented include Thomas Tompion, Peter Garon, Hunter and Sons and many Lincolnshire makers including James Usher, John Stokeld and Thomas Scott.

There is also a collection of bracket and mantel clocks, including an interesting skeleton clock, and clocks by Thomas Mudge, John Roger Arnold and Benjamin Vulliamy. The Roy Sargisson bequest of the late 1980s significantly increased the number of clocks in the collection. 

The collection also contains an orrery.