Take One a Day

Take One a Day is a photography exhibition highlighting the power of creativity and how looking for the beauty around us can help us deal with the many difficulties of modern life.

Take One a Day is on display in the Usher Gallery from 13 July until 15 September 2024. 

The landscape imagery featured in the exhibition came out of a traumatic experience for Lincolnshire man Paul Gutherson. Paul discovered the body of someone who had died by suicide on his favourite dog walk in Keddington, just outside Louth. Following PTSD and counselling, he decided to use his love of photography to reclaim his joy in the natural environment and to rediscover the beauty in life. He started taking one a day – a photograph, not a tablet – and began sharing them on social media. In the exhibition are some of the images, all taken close to where the event happened. A short film will also accompany the images and help bring the project to life.

Award-winning photographic artist Richard Ansett supports Paul's landscapes with rural community portraiture to broaden and deepen the project. The people featured either work in and give their time to mental health support or are personally affected by some of the issues raised. They all kindly gave their time to have their pictures taken next to the path where Paul walked. 

Also featured is the series MAN UP; portraits that came out of Richard's visit to a local support group run by Bro-Pro UK. A limited-edition zine goes alongside to tell the subjects' stories.

Suicide rates have risen in rural areas since 2016. Lincolnshire has a large farming community, responsible for £2 billion of the UK’s agricultural, but mental health support is spread thinly. 

This collaborative and wide-ranging project highlights the connection between people and their communities.  The aim is that the positivity surrounding this exhibition - borne out of a tragic event - inspires mindfulness and creativity, or helps people to reach out.

Thank you to all the contributors who shared their stories.

For more information and/or support you can go to:
Samaritans: https://www.samaritans.org/
Bro Pro: https://www.facebook.com/brotherhoodprojectuk

Take One a Day is curated by Jason Baron. Born and raised in Louth, Lincolnshire, Jason was recently  Photography and Visuals Lead at Comic Relief and former Creative Head of Photography at the BBC.

The exhibition is free to enter. The Usher Gallery is open from Thursday to Monday from 10am to 4pm.