Winter Solstice 2023 at Lincoln Museum

Join us for a cosy evening of wellness workshops and relaxation celebrating the Winter Solstice on Thursday 21 December at Lincoln Museum.

As the sun sets on the shortest day of the year the museum will open it's doors and invite you to experience an evening of wellness activities to light up your night. Join us for a cosy evening on Thursday 21 December at Lincoln Museum from 5pm - 8.45pm.

Choose from the selection below to create your own ideal evening:

6pm - 7pm: Winter Solstice Yoga

Join us for a unique Winter Solstice yinyang practice, led by Amanda and Jase from Unique Yoga.

Tickets £10 and include a free herbal tea to enjoy before or after the session.




7.30pm - 8.45pm: Winter Solstice Gong Bath**

A relaxing Gong Bath with guided meditation led by Becky Rutter

Tickets £15 and include a free herbal tea to enjoy before or after the session.




*Please note, the museum will be open from 5pm for you to relax and unwind with a herbal tea and enjoy the ambience.


**Gong Baths completely immerse, or bathe, you in sound, allowing you to experience a way to let go and take time out from every day life. Each experience of a Gong Bath will be unique and people are often presented with the experience that they need in the moment. Some people fall asleep, some experience visions, some see colour, others have physical sensations.  

Participants lay on a yoga mat or padded mat for the duration of the Gong Bath. After settling in with some breath work or guided relaxation the gongs will be played alongside a variety of instruments including; shruti box, crystal singing bowls, singing bowls, drums and of course the voice. Following a gong bath people often report increased feelings of wellbeing, contentment and balance, improved sleep quality, reduction in feelings of stress or anxiety alongside other physical benefits.

There are some medical conditions where participating in a gong bath is unsuitable. If you have a medical condition/concerns and are unsure if a gong bath is suitable for you, please contact the gong bath practitioner directly via email