Steampunk Art Exhibition

A Steampunk exhibition including works from the Victorian Steampunk Society in conjunction with the Asylum Festival.

The Victorian Steampunk Society will be running a Steampunk Art Exhibition through August, building up to the Asylum Festival during September. Steampunk art derives its origins ultimately from science fiction; many people assume that it is a fairly modern culture, believing its existence to begin in 1987, the first time the term 'steampunk' was used. However, steampunk's influence can be seen in writers such as Jules Verne, HG Wells, Mary Shelley and even Bram Stoker who incorporated the style of steam-powered futuristic machinery.

The style of steampunk is most recognizable as retro-futuristic inventions as people of the 19th century may have envisioned. These 'inventions' include elements of a steam-powered society, incorporating aesthetics of 19th century Victorian culture/American Wild West; drawing in perspectives of the era's fashion, culture, architectural style and art.

Due to the immersive culture of steampunk, artists have many different avenues to pursue; the most recognizable would be their fashion, however sculpture and fine art drawings and paintings are also highly popular. Steampunk can also be seen in more modern culture attributes such as comics and film.

The Steampunk Art Exhibition running at The Collection is curated by John Naylor of the Victorian Steampunk Society and will include works by Nigel Williams. There will be a Steampunk Film Festival running alongside the Art Exhibition over the weekend of the Asylum Festival (13th, 14th and 15th September), showcasing films featuring steampunk fashion, designs and creativity. Admission is free for all films shown at The Collection.

Artwork shown is Nigel Williams' 'Vimworthy's Patented Swarm Eliminator'.