Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Exhibition 2022

The Lincolnshire Artists' Society made it's return to The Usher Gallery. Following a prolonged gap, this exhibition was a welcome celebration of the collective creativity and commitment of all of the members of Lincolnshire Artists’ Society and additionally the efforts of many others who work tirelessly to support cultural activity. Lincolnshire Artists’ Society began in 1912, founded initially in 1906 as the Lincolnshire Drawing Club. Their last show at the Usher Gallery was in 2019. Exhibitions are frequently diverse and full of different individual perspectives on the world. The range of subject and content is always fascinating. The society is still going strong, regularly gathering new members, maintaining a healthy committee/officer turn-around and generating exhibition opportunities. All of this takes enthusiasm and passion! Talking about the importance of the forthcoming exhibition Medina Hammad, artist and Exhibitions Officer for Lincolnshire Artists Society, stated: ‘Human expression is an important part of this undertaking. Engagement with art is important. It makes us pause and reflect a little. It can invite us to become more mindful, to feel and think. Creativity is part of our essence, in many shapes and forms.’ Exhibition took place from 2 July - 4 September 2022.


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Lincolnshire artist’s society exhibition