The Creative Collective x Earth Day 2022

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  • Prometheus by Will Thomson

    Prometheus by Will Thomson

On 22 April 2022, the Creative Collective hosted a Gaia themed event, in celebration of Earth Day. For this event, the Creative Collective took over the Gaia exhibition space to create an atmospheric evening, complete with star projectors, upbeat music and our member's own artwork. The display included a visual art piece by Will Thomson - an animated projection inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the titan Prometheus. According to Will, the artwork acts as a symbol representing the endurance of the Earth in the face of global warming, sending the optimistic message that we still have time to act.

The alternative, original soundtrack inspired by the sculpture was created especially for the event by Gabriel Fox-Widdows - 'Gaia Hemera' offers a soundscape for Gaia with the sounds of the natural world being subverted by electronic soundwaves. The upbeat melody matched the pace of change we are experiencing in technological advances which have the potential to slow the pace of climate change.

The event also marked the launch of our zine, which includes a collection of writings and illustrations based on the themes of the Our Patch of Earth exhibition at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. The zine offers a wide range of entries on a variety of topics, including local folklore, witchcraft and herbalism and plant care amongst many others. The zine also includes illustrations the Collective members created during our workshop with the Museum of Lincolnshire Life's artist in residence Esteban Pena Parga.

We are now working on our next project, an exhibition provisionally titled the Tangled Bank, with art group Genetic Moo. Coming Summer 2022.


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