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The Courtyard Gallery has recently opened at The Collection and has an exciting new programme of monthly exhibitions including a number of Lincolnshire based Artists.

Saturday 26th May- 24th June 2012 - the Contemporary Craft Network will be exhibiting 'Collections', an extensive and beautiful range of uniquely hand crafted pieces available to buy.

7th July- 5th August 2012 - 'Transplantation',  a touring exhibition of 12 national and international jewelers.

9th August- 21st September 2012 - 'Nut Glove's City Limits and the Surprisingly Egotistical Show'. Artist talk 21st September 3pm.

29th September- 27th October 2012 - Alec Shepley. [sic]

10th November- 8th December 2012 - 'Encounters Take Precedence'.

15th December- 12 January 2013 - 'Addaction'.

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