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After a visit to Mandy Barker's exhibition the Creative Collective came up with a response using the single use plastic sourced from their weekly meetings. These images are the result of their experiments with the plastic using photography to explore the themes of irony, guilt and responsibility. Individual responses from members of the Creative Collective are highlighted below;

"The prettiest plastic is the worst one for recycling".

"Over the past few weeks we have been responding to Mandy Barker's exhibition 'Our Plastic Ocean'. We have been collecting non-recylable plastics and using experimental photography as the medium through which we created a set of photos to post on the Collection Museum's social media platforms."

"After experiencing Mandy Barker's work the group created some images inspired by the exhibition, using found single use plastics and colourful lights."

"After seeing Mandy Barker's exhibition we decided to start collecting our own single use plastics to make a sculptural response. We used our plastics and LED lighting to photograph it as a thing of beauty."

This response to Our Plastic Ocean by the Creative Collective was created over the space of three sessions during November and December 2021. The group worked together for the first time to experiment with the items they had collected, and collaboratively selected the images to display on social media and this blog post. Disturbed by the beauty of the images of plastic created by Mandy Barker the Collective made their own plastic look beautiful prompting the question is it right to make something like plastic beautiful?

The Creative Collective are a group of young people who are passionate about art, culture and heritage. The Collective meet weekly to engage with each other, participate in creative projects and attend talks and workshops. The group gives young people the opportunity to gain experience of museum practice and to have their voices heard within The Collection Museum. If you are aged 16-25 and are interested in joining the Creative Collective please visit the Getting Involved section of our website.  


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