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  • Secret Radev

    Secret Radev

  • Mattei Radev (right) with good friend E.M. Forster

    Mattei Radev (right) with good friend E.M. Forster

Re-hanging is a special time at an art gallery. It is something the public don’t get to see, in fact it is often something that most of the staff don’t see either as technicians and artists come in, remove the last show and put up a new one in the space of just a few days. The doors to the gallery are locked shut and the only sign of life inside is the occasional rustling and an odd glow emanating from within.

For example this is the current view of The Radev Collection: Bloomsbury and Beyond.

This view is quite apt, given you lucky lot will be only the second group of people to ever see this fabulous collection of post-impressionist art in public. Behind those doors our technicians are busy redecorating, polishing, tidying and ultimately handing the show so that when you all arrive it looks as if it was never any other way.

Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago that same gallery space was home to a garden shed and a beach as part of Four Seasons.

The show opens on the 11th February by which time all evidence of human interaction will be long gone from sight and all that will be left are some beautiful paintings. I’m excited to finally go through that door, I hope you all are too.


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