Roman horse brooch from near Leasingham

The Roman horse brooch dating from AD43-410 is cast copper alloy, and when originally worn would have appeared gold-like with bright enamels in the recesses.  No doubt it was a prized possession of the wearer.  The brooch is a fairly realistic portrayal of a horse, with details of its head, mane and saddle or saddle cloth included in the design.  The hinged pin of the brooch is intact, a reflection of the remarkable condition of the whole artefact.

The brooch is an incredibly rare find in Britain, and the first three-dimensional horse brooch to be recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme finds database.  

It was discovered by Jason Price whilst metal detecting in a field near Leasingham, and was purchased for the museum collection with a donation from the Friends of Lincoln Museums and Art Gallery (FLMAG).

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